Sight Words

The goal of Sight Words is to provide an entertaining way for children to begin to recognize “sight words”. We have chosen the top 75 words from Dr. Edward B. Fry’s Instant Words, leaving out the single letter words “I” and “A”.  The first 100 of these words are in over 50% of all written material. 75 were chosen to increase the frequency of interaction with the words, thereby increasing the likelihood kids would begin to recognize these words by sight. 

Our game is a 2D platformer, where the character runs automatically, jumping on or over spiders, while collecting the letters that form the sight words. The current word is spoken, and each letter collected is spoken. Once all letters are collected, the word is spoken, spelled, and spoken once more.

Furthermore, a score is accumulated during play. Once all five lives are used up, the game is over. We then present a game over screen, with a score that is spoken to the child. Each place value of the score is highlighted as it is spoke. This is done to help familiarize children with larger numbers.

Here are some screenshots of the game being played:

For a short time, get the game on Android for free here.

A list of the top 225 Fry Sight Words, or Instant Words, can be found here.


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