CryptoFyte Teaser


Due to technicial issues, development of this app has been halted for the foreseeable future.



Hello all!

We have started development on an exciting new  game, CryptoFyte. What is this game, you ask? Why, it is a new take on an old and classic game. In it, two Fyters battle it out to gain control over the available cryptocurrency, FyteCoins. The Fyters are breaking into a vault that contains a number of FyteCoins, that can be used to further their game play along.

However, only the swift are sure to reign in this game. Both Fyters are presented with a challenge phrase, that is encrypted with a simple substitution cipher, commonly known as a cryptogram or cryptoquip. The first Fyter to solve the cipher by replacing the ciphertext with the original letters, gains access to the prize inside the vault.

No fear, should a Fyter lose. Participating in a Fyte generates some FyteCoins, but not nearly the prize the faster Fyter gets. The race to gain the most FyteCoins possible is soon to be on.

Here is a sneak peak of what will likely end up being the visual representation of our cryptocurrency:

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page and website for future updates on the development of this exciting, one of a kind twist on a classic game!


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